Journal of Economic Theory, 165, September 2016, 1-24 websiteonline appendix
In random-demand models of monopolistic competition with many symmetric sellers, competition has little impact on prices for a broad range of distributional assumptions.
Management Science, 60(4), April 2014, 824-844 website
An increase in the proportion of functional managers in top management teams of US firms since the mid-1980s was driven by (i) improvements in information technology and (ii) reduced firm diversification.
European Business Review, May-June 2012, 9-13 website
Working Papers
2016; revise and resubmit at JLEO
Productive organizations that seek to develop shared culture and knowledge should limit growth rates and avoid acquisitive growth.
with Anton Kolotilin, 2016
In a repeated cheap-talk game where voluntary monetary transfers serve both to signal information and to incentivize decision-making, intuitive and tractable patterns of optimal communication emerge.
with Juan Carlos Carbajal and Jonathan Hall, 2016
To simultaneously signal wealth and social capital, consumers choose imperfectly conspicuous signals such as subtly-labelled luxury goods.
with Yi Lu and Zhigang Tao, 2016; revise and resubmit at JEMS
Vertical integration increases incentives for inefficient rent-seeking, especially in developing countries where corporate governance is poor.
The Dynamics of Policy Complexity • slides
with Keiichi Kawai and Ruitian Lang, 2015; revise and resubmit at AEJ: Micro
Inefficiently complex public policy is an inevitable and persistent outcome when policy elements are interdependent and policymakers are in conflict.
Selected Research in Progress
Continuous versus Episodic Reorganizations • slides
In complex, highly interdependent systems such as organizations and software programs, optimal adaptation involves episodic, discrete reorganizations.